Thinkful Apprentice

MA – Eastern Illinois University (Candidate)

AmeriCorps Alumni

BFA – Bradley University

Data Analytics

I am a Data Analyst proficient in Python, Excel, and data visualization. I am an evidence oriented person who aims to address company and customer needs through the scientific interrogation of data. In combination with 8 years of experience in technical support and customer service, I am pursuing a graduate degree in Public and Nonprofit Administration to build on my skills as a leader and critical thinker.

Self Improvement

Since leaving my undergraduate education, expanding my knowledge base has held a central position in my life. Either when volunteering with AmeriCorps, or learning on the job as a technical support specialist, understanding how I learn and what needs to be known to solve the problem at hand has been essential to my success. In 2018 I chose to return to school in an effort to improve my skills and to position myself to act as a leader for the organizations I serve. In addition to my graduate degree, I undertook an intensive data analytics bootcamp. Juggling these responsibilities were at times challenging but together have positioned me to be more effective in my pursuits going forward.

Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth.

-Marcus Aurelius