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Junk Drawer: Radio Stations, Country Music, and a New Exhibit

Life has been more hectic than I anticipated here in July and sometimes things happen in life that just do not require a full blog post all to themselves. Over the last two weeks my life has been primarily occupied … Continue reading

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La Casa Verde

Beginning week three in Texas I am starting to develop a sense of routine. I have reluctantly abandoned my nocturnal habits and strongly shifted to a 7-11 schedule. Work seems to quickly drift by and is only complicated now by … Continue reading

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The Buffalo are Roaming

End of my first week in Texas. So far I’ve; worked on one whole production and started work on the second one, spent an afternoon on a buffalo ranch, and killed a scorpion with a pie pan.  I have limited … Continue reading

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Lone Star State of Mind

Just over a month ago, if I were asked where I planned on going after college? Crockett, TX wouldn’t have crossed my mind. Mostly because I hadn’t heard of it yet.  I recently accepted the position of summer arts management … Continue reading

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