Junk Drawer: March Madness

Things have been absolutely insane. The first 11 days of March have been fast, furious and fascinating. At FCP March opens every year with the Viola Awards. A sort of ‘Oscars of the Arts and Sciences’ for Flagstaff. The ceremony is named after Viola Babbitt, a long time artist and supporter of the arts community in the highlands.

11 awards were presented in categories celebrating everything from Emerging Artist to Science Educator.  The night was an astronomical success, and if any of the staff could have felt our legs afterward we probably would have celebrated twice as much as we did.

The event was months in the making. I started assisting with the event back in Mid-December and it was a presence in the office clear through the event. Some aspects are still being wrapped by my co-workers.

There was no time for me to breathe following the awards though. Come Monday morning it was straight into the gallery to install our next exhibit at the center. Youth Celebrates Art and Culture is FCP’s contribution to National Youth Art Month. The month long celebration includes an exhibit of student work from every Flagstaff Public and Charter institutions and a workshop series (organized by yours truly) that takes place over Spring Break.

Hanging the Youth show was beyond fun. An arts education class works with us to judge the work and award ribbons. That was probably the best part for me. They were so sincere in their approach and championed the pieces they felt most deserved the ribbons they were awarding. It is easy to forget the sensation of entering shows like this. Competing for ribbons and the pride that came with just seeing your work in a place other than a school bulletin board. Those successes were a huge confidence boost for me growing up.  It was great to be apart of that process and see some truly amazing work.

I’m celebrating a much appreciated day off in the midst of this crazy month. Next week I have to lead the Spring Break workshops. I’m teaching a couple myself. It’s sure to be a busy time but luckily life may just slow down a bit after that. If I don’t find something else to keep me busy…


About Damon

Damon G. Taylor is an emerging artist and printmaker. Originally from Fairview, Illinois, Damon received a Bachelors of Fine Art from Bradley University in Peoria, IL. Damon currently resides in Flagstaff, Arizona where he works as the Program Coordinator for the Flagstaff Cultural Partners. Damon has plans to enter Graduate school in the Fall of 2014.
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