Changing the Script

The hardest part of life after school for me to adjust to is the free time. In school I was booked. Every moment of every day was accounted for before I knew what would happen.  In post undergrad life it’s up to me to entertain myself, and I am finding that I am genuinely bad at this.


Netflix offers a good consolation to experiencing real life but I begin to miss the sun after some time. Luckily a few weeks ago social media delivered a saving grace right to my laptop. I woke up one Sunday morning, frustrated with my lack of plans for the day, and opened my computer to discover a listing on the Flagstaff Mountain Film Festival’s Facebook page. The 4 minute old post was seeking applicants for a part-time internship with the group for remainder fo 2013.

I was struck by a bolt of productivity. With a few quick keystrokes I had opened my resume and started furiously typing the best cover letter I have ever composed. I wanted this.

Those who know me well, know that film is my preferred mode of media saturation. I have been keeping a running tally of all the films I’ve seen thus far in 2013, currently sitting at 18, many of them for the first time. My favorite mindless pass-time is to peruse freshly released trailers, and IMDb is one of my most frequented sites.

In fact the FMFF was one of the first events I attended when I landed in Flagstaff months ago. Based on what I saw I already know what kind of quality work I will get to be a part of and it has me beaming with possibility.

To work in, around, near film has been a Great White Whale of my life. I don’t know how many of my applications with the Peoria Theaters are filed away in some rusted cabinet, never to be disturbed. As a foolish young student I shied away from film as something too scary or too large for me to tackle, choosing instead the security of a fine arts degree.

But here was my chance, sitting infront of me like a yet to be pilfered candy dish at the doctors office. The posting went live at 12:05, by 2:19 I had submitted my resume, by that evening I was lining up an interview with the Executive Director, and last Tuesday we met  and discussed the details. I am proud to say it all went smoothly and I am looking to begin work with them later this week.

In many ways the whole thing still seems unreal. Working on a Film Festival was never an option at career day. In conjunction with my other experiences since leaving school I am being shown what is necessary for a career in the arts. Risk, long hours, smart money management, and a charming personality can take you almost anywhere.

Expect more exciting news to come out of this new venture, as well as the next few months at FCP. Until then, Stay Classy.


About Damon

Damon G. Taylor is an emerging artist and printmaker. Originally from Fairview, Illinois, Damon received a Bachelors of Fine Art from Bradley University in Peoria, IL. Damon currently resides in Flagstaff, Arizona where he works as the Program Coordinator for the Flagstaff Cultural Partners. Damon has plans to enter Graduate school in the Fall of 2014.
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