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Midwestern Interjection

When it rains, it pours. Quite the opportunity fell on me the other day. A local gallery invited me to display some work in their space for April. This is huge. I can not explain what this means to me. … Continue reading

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Changing the Script

The hardest part of life after school for me to adjust to is the free time. In school I was booked. Every moment of every day was accounted for before I knew what would happen. ┬áIn post undergrad life it’s … Continue reading

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Junk Drawer: March Madness

Things have been absolutely insane. The first 11 days of March have been fast, furious and fascinating. At FCP March opens every year with the Viola Awards. A sort of ‘Oscars of the Arts and Sciences’ for Flagstaff. The ceremony … Continue reading

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