Trial by Jury

Life after college has been a whirlwind. I just celebrated both my 8th month out of school and my 5th month as a resident of Arizona. A semblance of normalcy is beginning to creep back into my life, and I am even, slowly, beginning to produce new work.

New Works: 01/13

I’ve mentioned before how I retreat into automatic drawing when I am feeling anxious/pressured/uninspired. Still the immediacy of these new works really does something for me. This monotype technique has never really lent itself to incredibly plotted work. So, it appears that for now this will be how I keep the lamp burning.

With the New Year I chose to adopt a few career oriented goals for my annual resolutions. In 2013 I have resolved to; enter at least 5 exhibits, Apply for 5 graduate schools (for Fall 2014), and continue work on a special secret project Vasi Tsagarakis and I are developing.

It would appear that I am hitting the ground running on at least the first of these 3 goals. This Friday I completed my application for the Bradley International, and I have at least 2 other exhibits in mind to follow within the next couple weeks. Now, as these are all juried exhibits with national and international prestige the odds of my work being selected are astronomical. Still, you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.

The first I will hear back from any of this will be the 21st of this month. When acceptances and rejections for the Bradley International are due to come out. I hardly expect anything but a ‘Thank you for your submission.’ Though I am mighty proud just to have had the gumption to submit my work for review.

2013 will require a lot of work but with enough willingness to take risks I hope to see these resolutions come to fruition.


About Damon

Damon G. Taylor is an emerging artist and printmaker. Originally from Fairview, Illinois, Damon received a Bachelors of Fine Art from Bradley University in Peoria, IL. Damon currently resides in Flagstaff, Arizona where he works as the Program Coordinator for the Flagstaff Cultural Partners. Damon has plans to enter Graduate school in the Fall of 2014.
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1 Response to Trial by Jury

  1. venisekeys says:

    I love the new direction your new drawings. The abstracted compositions are really strong, keep it up!

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