Go West Young Man

So after twenty-two years of living in the Central Time Zone I am dusting off my own Manifest Destiny and moving west.  Yesterday I was offered a position with the Flagstaff Cultural Partners, as their Program Coordinator. It is an excellent opportunity and one that I have been excitedly waiting an answer from for sometime now. I knew that this opportunity had some potential when I found the posting way back in May. A dozen e-mails and two interviews later I was thrilled to officially accept the position earlier today via e-mail. The feelings are difficult to process, a mixture of excitement, fear, and pride. I would have never thought that an opportunity of this caliber would open up to me just 2 months out of undergrad but in August I will be moving to the childhood home of television’s Ted Danson.

Some nerves were put at ease with this offer as I had to turn down an offer to work for an artist residency in New Mexico last month. They wanted a contractual commitment very quickly but I wanted to wait for news from this position before moving forward. The gravity of that decision weighed on me until the words “offer you the position” came out my phone. It’s difficult for anyone to turn down a job offer today, especially for a job in the arts. Great opportunities so often require a great deal of experience before an applicant is even considered for the position. Now with this great opportunity ahead of me I can not help but be filled with confidence for the career I have laid out in front of me.

There is a fair amount of anxiety that comes with this experience though. I have never had an apartment and some of the logistics of moving out there seem a bit daunting right now but I am sure that with the right amount of time and research I will feel confident moving forward. I already feel a lot of support coming from my soon to be employers as we finalize everything and I prepare to begin apartment hunting.

There is a fair amount of novelty that comes with this move. In Flagstaff I will be and hour and forty five minutes from the Grand Canyon, an hour from Meteor Crater, five hours from Albuquerque and Las Vegas, and eight hours from Los Angeles. The other side of that coin is that this move places me a full twenty four hours from home. A rather imposing distance but one that I will have to learn to negotiate.

I turned to a lot of people for support and advice during my job search and I thank each and everyone of you for the help you offered. It is with this sort of assistance from those around me that I have been able to accomplish this much in my life thus far. Thank you again, and until next time. Stay Classy.


About Damon

Damon G. Taylor is an emerging artist and printmaker. Originally from Fairview, Illinois, Damon received a Bachelors of Fine Art from Bradley University in Peoria, IL. Damon currently resides in Flagstaff, Arizona where he works as the Program Coordinator for the Flagstaff Cultural Partners. Damon has plans to enter Graduate school in the Fall of 2014.
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