Fact or Repercussions

While I am actively enjoying my time as an employee of Piney Woods, the search is on for the next place I get to call work. I have an almost daily routine of checking all my typical sites; artsopportunities.org, artjob.org, the National Endowment for the Arts affiliates, and a smattering of other oddball searches and online queries. This week I began the first round of interviews from applications that I sent out nearly a month ago. 

I had an interview with an arts center in Arizona. The ordeal started off less than spectacularly. I somehow found a way to be 2 hours early for a Skype interview. I neglected to account for the timezone change and spent about 20 minutes refreshing my connection to ensure that there was no technical errors in my way. A quick check of a previous e-mail informed me of my temporal error.  2 hours later I was ready to be interviewed, my potential employer rang me up and I found that I was unable to communicate due to an error with my microphone. 10 minutes and some embarrassing pantomime later I fixed the technical hiccup and was on my way.  Frazzled would perhaps be the best way to describe my first attempt at answering a question.  The mishap with my microphone left me feeling less than impressive and I fear that it poked its nasty head into the first part of my interview.

But, Never wanting to admit defeat I soldiered through my embarrassment. A few humorous anecdotes about scorpions and Rubik’s cubes later I was back on my feet. I managed to leave my interviewers smiling with a performance that was hopefully unique enough to stand out, though in the arts it’s often difficult to gauge how the competition will behave. Before hanging up they left me with the knowledge that they would be contacting applicants with information about second interviews before the end of the month.  That they weren’t in such a hurry to hang up that they took the time to share this information leaves me sitting a bit more at ease.

It was the information that I got today upon arriving at work that really calmed my nerves. I received an email from another opportunity that I applied to in New Mexico informing me that I landed an interview with them for tomorrow.  It’s these sorts of moments that make me feel more assured of what I’m trying to accomplish out here.

I keep getting great news about what my friends are doing back home, moving into new apartments, starting new jobs, new opportunities, and it makes me miss Illinois and sad that I’m missing out on their growth but right now I need to be invested in my own. This adventure is proving to be everything that I needed it to be and more. I look forward to seeing those familiar faces next time I make it home to visit but until then, stay classy.


About Damon

Damon G. Taylor is an emerging artist and printmaker. Originally from Fairview, Illinois, Damon received a Bachelors of Fine Art from Bradley University in Peoria, IL. Damon currently resides in Flagstaff, Arizona where he works as the Program Coordinator for the Flagstaff Cultural Partners. Damon has plans to enter Graduate school in the Fall of 2014.
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